The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub: Beauty Lab


I’ve never been crazy about chocolate except when I suddenly crave a Mr. Goodbar. However, I recently stepped into the shower with a new product from The Body Shop that appeals to my nonexistent sweet tooth.

Chocomania Body Scrub is an exfoliant that has earned its place in my beauty cabinet as it helps with what I need most during winter: sloughing away dead skin and locking in moisture. Packaged like a bundt cake, this body treatment is made with cocoa butter, Brazilian nut oil, soy oil and cane sugar. Reads like a dessert recipe, doesn’t it?

Free of that too-gritty texture I find in most scrubs, it went on super smooth and left behind a subtle chocolate scent. An afternoon ashy skin check (where I lift up shirt sleeves and pant legs to inspect the sheen of my complexion) also proved that this body scrub is way more than it’s heavenly smell. But be warned: it creates quite the mess in the bathroom. So I’d recommend keeping the Scrubbing Bubbles within reach.