Shipley & Halmos + D.S. & Durga’s New Fragrance: In Stock


In exciting indie fragrance news, the guys from Shipley & Halmos have teamed up with our favorite Brooklyn perfumers D.S. & Durga to create an appealing (yet totally unexpected) unisex blend. Colorado & Florida, which is named for the designers’ home states, was initially inspired by scents of their childhoods: “alpine snow” and “suntan lotion.” While it seems that combining these two very different smells could have gone awry, they actually come together to create something very warm and wearable. In the beginning it’s definitely more piney (which is just fine this time of year), but soon warms on the skin, giving way to notes of rose otto and slightly salty marine air. Hints of musk, ambergris and osmanthus absolute add further depth.

The hand-mixed fragrance — which has a limited-edition run of only 99 bottles, FYI — retails for $98 on