Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss: I Tried It


My Aunt Margaret is obsessed with color-changing lip balm that is often found in Asian-owned beauty supply stores. She loves that they are affordable, long lasting and take the hassle out of carrying multiple lipsticks in her bag. However, I find that the color tends to turn dull over time, creating an unflattering look against her bronze skin. So when I was introduced to a new gloss from Physicians Formula that combines this concept of custom lip color with a high-shine finish, I had to share this with my dear aunt.

The pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss contains a blend of light-adjusting pigments that adapt to your skin and the environment, allowing it to create your perfect pink hue. It is packaged in a sleek tube that contains a LED light underneath the cap and tiny side mirror to make touch-ups on the go. While I was a bit skeptical as to how the dyes could react to my lip pH, I was convinced this was no gimmick once I applied the gloss.

When I wore the pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss on a partly cloudy day, I noticed that it created a sheer pink color. I’d imagine that getting exposed to a bit of sunshine had something to do with the subtle brightness. And thanks to the creamy, yet non-sticky formula, my bouncy curls didn’t latch onto my lips when caught by a gust of wind. However, once I stepped back into the office, my lip color turned into a deeper fuchsia with more luminosity — my favorite look.