How to Hide Your Tummy With The Right Clothes


How to Hide Your Tummy With The Right Clothes. Lots of women have an apple shape, meaning they carry most of their weight around the middle and don’t really have much of a waistline. This doesn’t mean they’re really round, but it does mean that they can’t really create an hourglass shape, and it can be hard to play up their assets (bust, arms, legs) because they’re concerned about how to dress their middle.

There are some cuts that are going to flatter you with ease, and some that, no matter how fabulous the pattern, just aren’t going to give you the sleek, sexy look you want. We’ve got some tips for how to accentuate the positive and diminish the negative when you’re dressing up for a big night (or day) out. Check out the gallery for tips!

Gallery: Flatter Your Figure: Hot looks for apple shapes

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