Hair Trends Spring



Inspired by a spring day in Paris, Catherine Malandrino’s collection reflects the ’40s and ’50s soft silhouettes that were feminine with an underlying edge.


The Look

Elaborating on the 40s/50s era, the hairstyles evoke “rockabilly” flair by creating volume on the top of the head in a chignon and similar variations of this updo.

The Hair Color Story:

The hair was augmented with customized Wella colored extensions in order to create beautiful chignons that match and complement the natural hair color. Eva Scrivo and her team of Wella Professionals colorists colored over 20 extensions in preparation, along with 30 accentuating pieces to match. In order to create depth, dimension and texture, the Wella Professionals team colored the extensions to show movement and the blending of light and dark tones.



1) Make a tight ponytail high on the top of the head

2) Twist the ponytail tightly into a coil

3) Wrap coiled ponytail first towards the forehead and then to the back, securing with pins into a bun, sitting high on the head

4) Take a Wella highlighted extension, coil, and secure on top of the twisted and already secured ponytail to add height and dimension to the bun

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Credit Info:

Hair color by: Eva Scrivo and the Wella Professionals team

Styling provided by: Odile Gilbert for Sebastian Professional