Hair Trends from Fashion Week


Glossy bone-straight locks were a hit (once again) on the runway this year. We saw relaxed hiar make a comeback with the sleekest do possible. Baby Phat gave the models had shine so amazing that I was blinded through my computer screen. BCBG keep it natural with flat roots and a slight wave at the ends. Cavalli had the models beaming with a deep part and extra long hair that simply glowed.



Curious about how to get your tresses to look straighter than a sushimi knife on a time crunch? What about keeping the hair straight all day long? Here is a miracle product to keep your hair hanging straight all day.

Sabino Moisture Block is a waterproof, humidity-proof serum that allows hair to keep its style all day until you shampoo it out. Wow! What product doesn’t promise such claims, right? I actually tried this one and I really love it. It does exactly what is on the label.

Sabino seals moisture into the hair by using a revolutionary combination of silicones. It looks out excess moisture that can cause hair to become frizzy, keeping your hair from reverting back to its natural state. But, unlike other products, there’s no greasy film or syrupy gloss glopping from your strands. It also protects hair in any climate. Heck! Swim in it, take a steam bath, it is not coming off until you shampoo this product out.

Looking for incredible shine? Using Sabino Moisture Block will keep the cuticle of each strands smooth so they glide with each other instead of against. The hair moves freely without any resistance. Bellissimo! Use it right after you wash and deep condition hair to seal in your products and watch your hair reap the benefits.

Turn your flat iron up as high as you want–you are protected with Sabino Moisture Block. At this moment, I’m currently rocking a beautiful sew-in weave with a couple strands of my bangs and crown covering the tracks. I used Sabino last night to blow-dry and flat iron this portion of my hair. No lie: The brush just glazed through my hair. No sticking or tangling! Most importantly, no breakage! I use my flat iron on this part of my hair almost everyday, and I don’t see any breakage. It also makes it so much easier for me to straighten my hair because I don’t have to go over the same section 3 or 4 times.

Sabino Moisture Block retail for $20 and you can purchase it here. Best product on the market, period.