Fendi Snakeskin Circles Baguette Bag


Fendi Snakeskin Circles Baguette Bag. Once again the House of Fendi creates one artistic and unique piece of couture, take a look at the Extra-Large Snakeskin Circles Baguette. I think its so fun how Fendi plays around with their signature Baguettes, varying in styles and patterns, but sometimes, you must admit, they do get a bit carried away. Personally speaking when I first saw all the appliqué on the Baguette, I disliked it all together. Too much and extremely tacky was my first reaction, then again, I was judging this piece off of images via the Internet. As many of us bagista’s know, pictures or better yet, stock photos do not justify the beauty of a handbag in person. With that said, after seeing this baguette and playing around with it, I began to admire it for its craftsmanship and detailing. A collage of snakeskin dyed in various hues decorates this baguette and rich leather compliments this piece finely. Buttery soft suede can be found lining this bag and its size is great for those gals who like to carry more than just their keys and lipgloss. Just because I did mention what great workmanship was put into this baguette doesn’t mean I’d give into this Fendi. It’s really not my style, but rather something I admire, instead. Then again, I don’t have the $4, 580 to drop on one single baguette!