Fall Beauty Trends Gold Eyeshadow and The Smoky Eye


So while finding the runway photos on style.com for the Pure Gold post, I realised that the gold eye shadow look that has been in my mind wasn’t really the Bottega Veneta S/S08 look but it was the very different Versace S/S08 look: the smokey eyes.

For a light smokey eye, go for the Zac Posen S/S08 way.

You can see that there’s obviously yellowish-gold eye shadow in the inner corners and on the bottom lashes. As for the top outer eyes, the brown eye shadow is applied in a ‘wing out’ way, which may look cool on the models, but I imagine very hard to apply on yourself in real life -the winged shape is so hard to acheive!


For something more smoky and made-up for a night out, try the Versace S/S08 way. The Versace ‘face’ is definitely one of my favourites this season. It’s pretty do-able in real life, (as long as you don’t expect to look 100% like it does in the photos.)


For an imitation of this smokey eye, just blend gold and brown on your eye lids.


Try this: Mac’s Goldmine + Tempting. I’ve never actually tried tempting, but I’m guessing most shades of shimmery brown would be ok.

Pale lips seem to be the way to go, although for some odd reason, pale lips never seem to look as cool in real life as in fashion magazine photos.