Extreme Dark Roots: Tress Trend


When R&B; singer Ciara attended a pre-Grammy party in West Hollywood, California earlier this month, my eyes were immediately drawn to her two-toned hair. According to her stylist and Clairol Professional celebrity colorist Kiyah Wright, Ciara’s new ‘do was about taking her ombre to the next level.

“It’s bold, impressionable and screams artistry,” says Wright.

Drew Barrymore is known for not concealing her dark roots in between constant hairstyle changes. Additionally, Rihanna and Katy Perry have recently let their brightly-colored hair grow out. London It Girl Zara Martin’s long, blond locks also have this lived-in appeal. And the models at Prada’s fall runway show sported extreme ombre hair.

Wright adds, “Back in the early ’80s and ’90s, it was more about that grungy rebellious rock star look. Now people are going back to their roots and upping the ante. Another appeal is that it’s economical. You don’t have to go to the salon as regularly, which saves quite a bit of money.”

However, this heavily-bleached and colored trend is better suited for women with strong and healthy hair.

“The biggest mistake is not enlisting a salon professional’s help to achieve this look,” says Wright. “The products I used were Clairol Professional BW Bleach Powder to lighten and ash toners to get the red out. It took us about three days to achieve the end result you now see on Ciara.”

And if you have fine hair or am just anti-dye like myself, hair extensions can be better alternatives.

“You can buy extensions that are bleach blond and then depending on your natural color, all you may have to do is dye your roots a darker brown. This way, you are not damaging your hair by putting it through the bleaching process,” explains Wright.

Here, the hair color pro’s final low-maintenance tips:

• Braid your hair into two large braids with one on each side. When you take them out, you will have a nice, soft and wavy look or use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to create beachy waves.

• Opt to straighten your hair with a ceramic flat iron (on low heat, of course).

What do you think about extreme dark roots?