Bare Escentuals Starter Kit to start using Mineral Makeup right!


Mineral Makeup (MMU) is slowly making raves in the beauty industry. Traditional makeup brands like Physician’s Formula, L’oreal, MAC and the like have also a separate MMU line of their own. But, as far as my knowledge is right, it’s Bare Escentuals that started it all!

So, if you’re a mineral makeup newbie, better grab this Bare Minerals Starter Kit in Sephora for only $60 (originally a $181 Value). Start using MMU by getting the right shade of base color, brushes, primer and way to do the tap-and-buff application technique.

The complete set includes:

  • 2 shades of Bare Minerals Foundation with SPF 15
  • Bare Minerals Skin Rev-er Upper (Primer)
  • Bare Minerals Mineral Veil (Setting Powder)
  • Bare Minerals All Over Face Color (Glow Enhancer)
  • Bare Minerals Flawless Application Brush
  • Bare Minerals Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
  • Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
  • An Instructional Guide (DVD) from Leslie Blodgett, Bare Escentuals CEO

Get your kit now in Sephora at the following shades: Fairly Light/Light, Medium Beige/Medium and Medium Tan/Tan.