Amazing Makeup in Just 5 Minutes


Amazing Makeup in Just 5 Minutes! Sometimes you find yourself in a rush and it’s not always easy to finish up your makeup and have it look good as well. If you go to work or to school early in the morning, you might not want to spend 20 minutes on your makeup, but here’s some amazing looks you can do yourself in just under 5 minutes. Not only are these looks fast and easy, but they’ll have you look like a goddess- pronto!

If there is one thing I hate in the morning, it’s getting ready. I wish they would just invent a makeup mask that you can just put on your face, and ta-da! Well, they’ve probably already invented that and I just don’t know about it -so let me know if you’ve heard anything! Whether you’re a smokey eye fan or you just like the subtle look these following faces will have you screaming for joy either way. Keep reading to find out!



This look is for the makeup minimalist, and perfect for during the day. What you need is a rosy-pink blush and lip balm. For a dewy glow, dab a lip balm on cheeks, inner eye corners and lips of course. Next, fill out your brows and brush them upwards. With a simple, fresh look it’s crucial that your brows look perfect and groomed. And honestly, this won’t take you 5 minutes!



If you’re a fan of bright, red lipstick, think about going a little different today. Instead, try a fuschia lipstick, which is more fun and playful anyways. Start by lining your lips with a magenta colored lip pencil to prevent color bleeding. Fuschia is a color that is not only versatile, but works great on girls with dark or fair hair. To balance out this bold look, swipe on a lengthening mascara and voila you have pretty in pink lips and to-die-for lashes.



If you’re a fan of the smokey eye, but don’t necessarily have time to do it in the morning, here’s the new and improved smokey eye on the rush! Bold, black colors can turn out horrible on bad days, so you have to step it down a notch and incorporate easier-to-wear colors, such as gray hues. Start by filling in the upper lashes with a gray pencil and drag out the line at the outer corners of the eye to create a slightly winged shape. Smudge a bit of gray shadow along the lower lash line and you don’t even need mascara to boot. You can call this look the “during the day smokey eye”.



Pretty purples and violets are the it colors this season, so it’s no wonder that they’re ending up on our eyes as well. To warm up the purple shadow, blend some peach blush with a hint of shimmer high on the cheekbone and up to the lids. If you put on too much, you can end up looking dated. A touch of iridescence gives skin a youthful luminosity. Instead of going for the traditional nude lip, try a salmon color for more excitement.



This is another version of the smokey eye and it’s perfect for a rushed night out or whatever you’re in the mood for. Start by dotting black pencil between the lashes and line the lower inner rims. Then blend the liner with a slick black gloss for a super sexy effect. For the final touch, blend a dab of lip balm with a gold shadow and gild the inner eye corners. This will open up your eyes a thousand times!